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Past’s Digital Presence

Hat’s off to the folks at Yale for putting on a very nice conference this past weekend.  I thought that the presentations that I saw were very thoughtful, interesting, and current.  As a new Public History grad student, I was excited to receive reenforcement of several of the concepts discovered thus far in my studies.  I heard familiar names such as Rosenzweig and listened to dissertations about the evolution of media, importance of digital archives, and controversies in the field such as Enola Gay.  My one criticism of the event is that it was extremely warm on the second floor.  A combination of a packed room and closed windows almost made it unbearable. 

Of course, this could also have been due to the four slices of pizza that I had at lunch before the third session.  The pizza, however, was amazing at Wall Street Pizza; located just about a block away from were the conference was held.  This is traditional Naples style pizza: thin crust.  Not that Greek pizza with all the extra dough.  I had 3 broccoli and tomato slices and a cheese.  Coupled with a Harpoon IPA, man that was good eaten’.

Overall, it was a nice Saturday.  Who would have thought?