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CRELI 2013 Project Descriptions

Here is a description of all of the student projects in the students own words. They did a great job creating projects that honor and sustain diversity.


CRELI “Get to Know You” Bingo

Using a bingo card featuring get to know you questions, the scholars, student leaders, and educators spent some time in the shade getting to know one another. With prompts such as “Has been to a foreign country” and “Has a pet,” participants asked each other questions, engaged in conversation and learned something about each other. Listening and getting to know people from various backgrounds is one way to honor diversity.

CRELI Team Project Promotion

CRELI Team Project Promotion

In this photo, a rising Sophomore and a rising Freshman are creating a banner to recruit people to tell their story on video as a way to honor and sustain diversity. They will collect a variety of personal accounts to highlight the diverse backgrounds represented in CRELI and CT River Academy.

CRELI Expert Lessons

In the second day of the CRELI program, we had experts teach lessons to the scholars related to the group roles. We had a person come in from CT Humanities to teach the Reporters about marketing and using social media to reach an intended audience. We had a local artist come in to work with the Creative Directors on texture, form, and beautification. We were also fortunate to have a person come in to work with the Stewards to develop their project managerial skills. The video above features Bryan Ribas’ group of engineers working with Google SketchUp. Working together, these four group members will create something that honors and sustains diversity.

CRELI Leadership Training Day 2

This is a slideshow of the second day of CRELI Leadership Training. The students worked to create functional item using random materials. Coincidentally, both groups chose to make a birdhouse.