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History Web Reviews

This week I have decided to examine a few websites and evaluate their format and layouts using the guidelines laid out by Cohen and Rosenzweig.  I googled the term Civil War and chose two sites at the top of the results list because I figured that is what most internet users typically do.

Also I have provided a link to some interesting comments made on an earlier post discussing the use of the internet and its affects on learning.

History Web Review 1

Overall I think this is a pretty good website.  It is easily navigable and the layout is simple.  Unfortunately there are all kinds of advertisements on the page, but hey, you gotta eat.  In some areas, I felt that the text was too close to images or border and instead of gray text they should have used black.  I really like the integration of primary sources, links to discussion pages, and an interactive map.  One thing that was a little distracting was the bookmark and share box that kept popping up in my face when I was trying to read.  At a closer look you see that you can link to delicious, facebook, twitter, and about 225 other programs.

After some extra thought, I realized that I did not see an author page or any credits for this site.  I believe it affects the sites credibility.

History Web Review 2

Although this website has a good amount of information and images, overall this site has some design issues.  First and foremost is the use of text on the page.  This site is a timeline of events of the US Civil War from 1861-1865.  The site is mostly texts, which is fine, but the formatting of the text is poor.  The lines run completely across the page and the font is serif, effecting the readability.  I like how the web designer utilized thumbnails of images, which link to a larger file.  What I do not like is how the thumbnails are placed in an “in-line” format with the text making variations between the spacing of events on the timeline.

The navigation of this website could use some work.  There are links at the top of the page to get to certain time periods of the information, but there is not a link to the top of the page.  Also there links to images of the Gettysburg address written in Lincoln’s handwriting in the timeline, but these gems should be highlighted at the top of the page, a person researching the topic would want to know they are available on the sight before moving on. Overall, good info, poor format.