CRELI Expert Lessons

In the second day of the CRELI program, we had experts teach lessons to the scholars related to the group roles. We had a person come in from CT Humanities to teach the Reporters about marketing and using social media to reach an intended audience. We had a local artist come in to work with the Creative Directors on texture, form, and beautification. We were also fortunate to have a person come in to work with the Stewards to develop their project managerial skills. The video above features Bryan Ribas’ group of engineers working with Google SketchUp. Working together, these four group members will create something that honors and sustains diversity.


2 comments so far

  1. Janet Woodside on

    Awesome project…love the students creativity learning from a innovative instructor, Mr. Ribas!!

    • _Mr_Roy on

      Ribas was really great with the students. The progress they made in one session was remarkable.

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