Digital Archives-Hartford in the Civil War

I am currently working on a digital archive with resources on Hartford in the Civil War.  My intended audience is teachers and students at the high school level.  Overall, I plan to create an online exhibit detailing the socio-political culture of Hartford during the Civil War era.  Visitors to the site will find a wide range of resources from images and newspaper articles to journal articles and biographies.  I also plan to incorporate sample lesson plans and guided reading activities to be incorporated in the social studies classroom.

This is the first time I will take on a project of this scope.  In order to complete this project I will need to learn how to create and manage collections on Omeka.  To build the collections I will need to learn how to create and edit images as primary resources.  In the past I have used my digital camera to take a picture of an image.  I am not sure if this is sufficient for this project or if a better quality image is needed.

I predict that I will need some help with this tech issue.  I plan to go to Connecticut Historical Society to see if they have any suggestions for digitizing images.  I know that they just came out with a book of Kellogg Bros. broadsides.  I plan to use a few of the featured images that they displayed in this book.

Two excellent examples of the type of archive/exhibit I would like to create are Making the History of 1989 by the Center of Humanities and New Media (CHNM) and Lincoln at 200 by The Newberry Library and Chicago History Museum.  It is obvious that these two resources were developed over many years.  In order to complete this project in time, my archive probably will not be as polished as these, but I hope to lay a foundation of resources that could one day be developed into an authoritative site.

These two example sites really incorporate many of the elements of a good digital resource.  These are many of the same elements I have been discovering in my digital history class.  Some important elements include tips on readability such as font and spacing.  Also important is the focusing the users attention on the material and usability of the navigation links.


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  1. Todd Jones on

    For 501 I wrote a paper on Nook Farm native General Joseph R. Hawley’s role in post-war commemoration. If your interested in that aspect of things, I’d be happy to share my sources.


    • MrRoyAnJ on

      Thanks Todd that would be great! lets talk after class one of these days.

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