Web History Scavenger Hunt

I found 6 of the required 9 in 30 minutes.  With a little extra time I found the 1998 home page for CHNM.  I was not able to find an online debate on Cuban Crisis, but I did find a lot of primary source information on the topic.  I was not able to find Janet Murray in a picture with the Sims.  Here are the websites that I found:

1. Recording of Leon Trotsky speaking English.

2. 1915 Suffrage Poem with the line: “When all the Women wanted it”

3. A letter from George Washington to Timothy Pickering complaining about “Certain Forged Letters”

4. 18th century Willie Lynch speech in VA. See also: Wikipedia

5. Did not find the online debate on the 1962 Cuban Crisis.  Here is a primary source UN debate

6. Complete version of “Annual Review of Information Technology Developments for Economic and Social Historians, 1993.”  also in JStor

7. Four Syllabi including Hamlet on the Holodeck 1, 2, 3, 4

8. 1998 home page for CHNM

9. Could not find Janet Murray with the Sims


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